Good Masters, Sweet Ladies


Schlitz, L. A. (2007).   Good masters, sweet ladies  Boston, MA:  Candlewick Press.

Good masters, sweet ladies is a series of monologues set in medieval times in England. Each character is special and has a small story to tell that allows the reader to look in to how people lived at the time. For instance, Constance tells about making a pilgrimage to Saint Winifred’s well to be cured of her deformity. Another story by Thomas, the doctor’s son, tells about how doctors were used then. They had to learn home cures as well as astrology to help them predict if their patients were to live or not. The author adds excerpts to teach the reader a little more about the time and give some background knowledge.

I would use this book in my classroom to teach characters, character feelings, and character traits. (TEK 2.9(B) describe main characters in works of fiction, including their traits, motivations, and feelings. I would have my students do a reader’s theater by letting them pick characters from the book and performing them for my class or other classes. I would then have them identify how each character is feeling throughout the story and explain it to either groups or each other.


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