It’s So Amazing!


Harris, R. (1999).    It’s so amazing.  Boston, MA:  Candlewick Press.

This book has great descriptions of how we come to be as people. From the point of conception all the way to being born and growing up. It has funny commentary and is an easy read for children.

I would personally not use this book in my class because I teach second grade and think that it is a little to mature for that age, but I think that if it were, I would use it for the “Celebrations” section at the end to compare and contrast how people celebrate birthday. I would also use it as a information scavenger hunt by giving them certain topics to learn about and have them use the Table of Contents and text features to find their topics. (ELA TEK 2.14 (D) use text features (e.g., table of contents, index, headings) to locate specific information in text.)


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