Education on Twitter

So cool to find and read thoughts by some of the biggest names in educational technology today! I love technology and how we can connect with others so quickly! Am I the only one who thinks that it’s awesome? Probably not.

So I was reading @GwynethJones’ twitter (The Daring Librarian) and absolutely love how encouraging and knowledgeable she is. I feel like I could tweet her any question about using a Mac or how to do something (like make a powerpoint more interesting) and she would gladly help.

A tweet that I really liked of hers was:

Love how she’s making Vines for summer reading!

I also liked this tweet by @jimlerman that talked about the 5 practices of highly effective teachers on

Most of his tweets are links to articles or cool features that will help teachers as well as librarians. I loved this one that classifies teachers as “gangstas, wankstas, or ridas.” I like to think of myself as a rida. 🙂

@kathyschrock’s twitter is also full  of links to other things, but one tweet that was an original was the following:

I loved it, because this relates to my own twitter. I write and find things on my own and then based on what I have learned, get excited and want to share with the world.

On @buffyjhamilton’s twitter, she posted a link to a New York Times Article about how we still need to encourage handwriting and not just encourage keyboard skills in schools. I plan on sharing this with a few teachers.

I was not a huge fan of Tony Vincent’s twitter because it was mainly focused on Ipad use, and I do not use an Ipad in my classroom (nor do I own one) but if I did, I would definitely read more of his tweets. One of the ones that I did find funnyl though was the following:

While reading Linda Braun’s twitter, I “nerded so hard,” meaning I was very excited about feeling nerdy in what I was reading and couldn’t wait to share it. Many of her tweets were links to hwo to get things from happening, and my favorite was:

I think more girls should learn to code so that they can break that glass ceiling and show the world that women are just as good as coding as men!

Reading these peoples’ tweets has made me feel super excited to be included in their worlds just by using Twitter! 😀


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