Library Facebook Pages

Many librarians are using Facebook their libraries. I think that this is awesome. Almost everyone these days has a Facebook page and has access to it from their phones, computers, or any other device. Whats a better way to get information out there?

When I searched Facebook for school libraries, most of the results were for high school libraries. And what disappointed me was that many of the posts had between zero to two comments and just as many likes. It is disheartening to see such little support for school libraries, even on social media where it is easiest for students to gain access to information.

I think that the advantages to having library pages on Facebook are endless, it allows students to get information from librarians about books, author visits, or just general check out information from almost anywhere (with use of a cell phone or laptop). I think it would also have the potential to build a better rapport between students and librarians.

The disadvantages though, would be what I have seen. That noone accesses these pages, nor communicates with the librarians who put so much of their time and effort into making these pages and keeping them up to date. I would hate for them to feel like keeping up with these pages is a waste of time.


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