Blogs and Blog Readers

What?! A blog post about Blogs?! Isn’t that a little redundant? Oh well. So, if you’re like me, and a super nerd who loves to read people’s blogs, its kind of a  pain to sit down and remember which blogs you read everyday and all of their different URLs. So, the solution to this problem is: (insert drum roll here)


Google defines a blog reader as: An application that aggregates syndication feeds of blog subscriptions. Sample sentence, “I subscribed to Jenny’s blog in my blog reader, so now I never miss an update.”

Basically, it’s a place where you can keep all of your blogs in one place. I used to use Google Reader because it linked to my email and was really convenient to use, but then Google Reader died last year, and I had to find a new one. I went with Feedly. I mainly went with it because there is an Android app for it (and my phone is an Android, I am not about that Apple life.) and because it was so easy to convert to from using Google Reader! It’s interface is really simple and clean. You can also change the way that you view it, like a newspaper or a book. I just keep it simple though. If you want a list of Blog Readers you can use, this article lists a few and is pretty insightful.

Some library blogs that I have started following are:

Little Brown Books, ( which yes, is a publishing company, but promotes new books. And who doesn’t love finding out about new books?

I’m also following The [G]nomadic Librarian ( I am following her, frankly, because she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks and posts what she wants about whatever she wants. I respect that.

I am also following thingsthelibrarystaffwish. Their content is really funny, relatable, and has great book recommendations.

Another blog I am following is The Adventures of Library Girl. ( I like this blog because she is very professional, yet relatable, funny, and helps keep librarians in the loop of the library world.

And one last blog that I am a fan of is Ohsoyourealibrarian. I love this one because it is a great place to laugh at things that just seem to be inevitable in the library system, but put humor on it. 🙂

A new kind of blog, that I have am very new to is Tumblr. Personally, I find it a little overwhelming, but it is really fun. Tumblr is like a mixture of Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all in one. You can “reblog” other people’s stuff, or post your own and make it your own blog.  I just joined tumblr, like today, and found it very easy to use. I started following some librarians who use tumblr to reblog book information, or funny book pictures and gifs. (A gif is a moving picture.)

So there you are, my blog post about blog posts, have at it. 😉


Btw, if you want to take  peek at my tumblr, its 🙂


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