Online Book Communites

NERD UNITE! Have ya’ll heard of online book communities? They’re pretty cool. They’re basically places where you enter in books that you have read, rate them, and connect to other people based on that information. Basically, a literacy nerds paradise. Some of the websites that I have used are: (I’m including pictures of my profile for each one.)




Likes: connects to facebook, and twitter, connects you to authors

Dislikes: constantly emails you if you don’t turn that off

Ease of use: very simple to figure out how to use

Pleasing to the eye: very simple and neat




Likes: I did not like too much about this community.

Dislikes: too plain looking, too much white, kind of hard to find books,

Ease of use: not very easy, takes some getting used to

Pleasing to the eye: not very aesthetically pleasing




Likes: easy to organize books while adding them to shelves, love that its connected to Amazon

Dislikes: not a fan of the display

Ease of use: pretyt simple to follow

Pleasing to the eye: not too pretty, but overall a neat appearance




Likes: becomes your own blog, completely personalized

Dislikes: can’t rate books.

Ease of use: VERY simple.

Pleasing to the eye: Love the look and how clean everything appears.


Each book community has advantages and disadvantages, but each one does the same thing: puts you in touch with others nerds, like us, who love books that you love! Isn’t that cool? Personally, goodreads and booklikes are my favorites. I think that I would most likely suggest bookreads to students though, because it allows you to connect to authors as well as to other people. I actually had the opportunity to have  a dicussion with Sarah Dessen through it! It was really neat to chat with her.

What communities are ya’ll a part of? Post links to your profiles and I’ll give you a follow! How would you use these in your own libraries or classrooms?

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