Screenacasts are super cool little videos that you can make that record what is happening on-you guessed it!-your screen!

So I made two screencasts for you with two different screen cast websites.

First one is: Screen-O-Matic


Second one is: Screenr.

So for some reason, Screenr would not allow me to finalize my recording, but it’s pretty much the same as the other program. (If I can get it to record and finalize, I will put it up here, but it was just a video on how to make a comic like I made on the post about comics.)

Peronally, I preferred using Screen-O-Matic because I didn’t have to join anything. Screenr was kind of a pain because it couldn’t detect that I already had Java and made me reinstall it. But honestly, other than that, there was no huge difference between the two websites.

These would definitely be cool to use as a librarian because you could make tutorials for your students and teachers on how to use programs and technology that they aren’t familiar with!


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