Mining PEW-How Teens Use Technology

Purcell, K. (2013 July 10). 10 Things to Know About How Teens Use Technology. Retrieved from

Another presentation on teens and their use of technology, you’d think I’d be bored by now, but NO! Ya’ll these presentations ARE SO COOL! I love reading about how teens today aren’t the mindless, contantly texting and Facebook-ing dum-dums that we think they are. TYes, are always connected and share ALOT more than we (I am 24 and I consider myself a little older and wiser than my 18 year old sister.) are used to, but they are careful about it! Teens are actually giving thought to things that they post before they actually post them! (Now imagine if they could do that before they speak.) They actually adjust their privacy settings on Facebook, where they put information that is really about them, and keep their twitter profiles public. They are also aware that they can do things online that can affect their futures.

Students use more and more digital technologies in education and enjoy using them. Many students even use cell phones in classrooms as learning tools. They use Google for pretty much everything, but this has also taught them how to find crediblbe sources and sift through all of the junk that you gen when googling. The internet has also helped students become better writers because they have to appeal to a broader audience. It has also made them WANT to write and are more engaged when actually doing so.

Last, the presentation ended with teachers saying that low income schools and high income schools do not have a level playing field when it comes to technology, but honestly, I think that is false. Sure, most low-income schools are not on the same level as high-income schools, but teachers themselves can change that. The district that I worked in this past school year was extremely low income, but we had 5 mac books per classroom strictly for student use, a 3:1 student to iPad ratio and carts full of MacBook Airs for each grade level. All it takes is one teacher to write a grant for technology and BAM! computers and technology goodies galore.

Rant over.

In conclusion, this was a really cool presentation, now that I am moving to middle school I am really excited to work with teens and see how they can teach me to make my classroom more digital and tech friendly.

(46 slides) 172/150


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