Mining PEW-Teens and Libraries

Rainie, L. (2014 April 9). Millennials and Libraries. Retrieved from

At TLA’s annual conference, Mr. Rainey presented information on how libraries fit into teen’s lives.

First thing that must be noted is that Rainey presented “7 takeaways from his research.”

1. Teens live in a different information ecosystem.

*Teens use internet, ALOT, and most of them have a Facebook profile.

2. Teens live in a different learning ecosystem.

*Many teachers have seen that although the internet and use of it are very helpful to research and has helped students become better researchers, it has made teens very easily distracted and don’t know how to use any other sources for research besides internet sources. I can definitely relate to this, when I have helped my little sister do research papers, the only sources that she wanted to use were those that she got online.

3. Teens’ reading efforts matched/exceed adult levels.

*This fact, I thought, was very cool. Teens almost match adults on reading for pleasure whether it be in print or e-books. They read for pleasure as well as to learn more about things that interest them.

4. Teens use libraries and librarians more than others, but don’t necessarily love libraries as much.

*Most teens have used libraries in the past year and have even gone to a librarian for help-YIPPEE!

5. Teens have different priorities in library services.

I thought that some of the ideas that were offered to teens instead of library uses were pretty cool. Yes, there were personal book recommendations, but the idea of a “library redbox” was offered-Umm..can we please get on inventing that!?

6. Teens will behave differently in the world to come.

*Teens being so hyperconnected will either becoming very good thinkers, looking past the basics and wantting to learn more before voting, or they will be lacking in the deep-though capabilities and go with whatever someone tells them.

7. The public and teachers recognize this and want libraries to adjust it.

*I think that as long as teachers and librarians continue to incorporate research projects where students must actually use a library and learn HOW to learn then they will be just fine.

These, I found, are very interesting and help understand teens a little more. It was a really neat presentation that gave me a little more hope for the future.

(40 slides) 86/150


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