Mining PEW-Teens and the Digital Landscape

Lenhart, A. (2014 february 25) Teens & Technology: Understanding the Digital Landscape. Retrieved from

Ms. Lenhart visited with some health students at George Washington University about teens and their use of the internet, social media, and cell phones. It was found that of the 78% of teens that have cell phones, one in four only use the internet on their cell phones. The two most used sources of internet for teens was desktop/laptop computers and cell phones.

When discussing texting, at least three-quarters of teens text. And of those, the most prevalent group seemed to be Latino and low-income teens.

Upon researching app uses, again, I was proud of teens when I found that (obviously) many of them have downloaded apps, but they have also avoided using certain apps because of privacy concerns as well as have turned off location functions of apps.

Another way that teens use cell phones and internet, is with snap chat, I can definitely say that I am VERY proud of teens because although you may think that snapchat was primarily invented for “sexting,” that is not what teens are primarily using it for. Teens also like snapchat because it does not have a profile and does not become a part of the portrait of you that is portrayed online.

After reading these reports and looking over these presentations, I am really starting to think that teens are more than what we think that they are. I am very proud of the internet users and members of social networking that they are becoming.

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