Mining PEW-Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

Beaton, M., Cortesi, S., Duggan, M., Gasser, U., Lenhart, A., and Madden, M. (2013, May 21). Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. Retreived from

 Oh my goodness, I can honestly say that after reading this report, I am so proud of teenagers! Yes, they’re a little dumb and they put “too much out there” but if you read this report it states how teens are getting smarter about what they share on social media. It states that although they may average about 300 friends on Facebook, their friends are actually people that they know (for the most part) and keep their profiles private. They have also stated that teens are losing interest in Facebook, but maintain their profiles so that they can remain in the loop. It was also found that teens have a smaller amount of Twitter followers despite having  public profiles. It was also found that they are very aware of what they post and edit things that they find inappropriate or rude. They have also gone to lengths as to un-tag themselves from photos and completely erase their profiles. I am honestly, really proud of teens for having their acts together when it comes to social networking. Maybe they are smarter than we think that they are. 😉

(8 pages) 21/150


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