Mining PEW-The Future of Libraries

Rainie, L. (2014 April 10). The Future of Libraries. Retrieved from

Basically, Mr. Rainie found 7 big questions that librarians have to answer to find the future of libraries. Pretty much, the future of libraries is a stable one because so many people agree that libraries are a pivotal part of a community where students can have a place to study, research, find books that they are interested in, etc. They also agree that libraries SHOULD NOT remove shelving areas to make more space for more digital areas. I fully  agree, I think that libraries are places where books-print books- should be treasured. Even if e-books are on the rise, a library is like a sanctuary for books.

The future of libraries also depends on knowledge and it being spread through social media. Let’s be real, as much as some people don’t like it, we can’t get away from it. It also depends on the future of attention and being able to get people to hold it, a good point that the presentation made was “snacking.” Which to me means, give people food to help them pay attention. I know that if my mouth is kept busy with gum or food, then I won’t speak and I will be more likely to pay attention to the speaker. I bet that this words with learners as well.

Last thing that libraries need to do to ensure a future (in my humble opinion) is make sure that people know exactly what they can get from their library. Let them know up front and quickly about upcoming presentations, speakers, programs, ad services that libraries offer so that they are more likely to visit and continue visiting.

(44 slides) 216/150


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