Mining PEW-The New Library Patron

Rainie, L. (2013 October 29). The New Library Patron. retrieved from

Again, Mr. Rainie discusses some awesome points. He made a presentation just exactly who the new library patrons are and what they want. He came to find that many people agree that libraries are vital parts of a community and the most important reasons why  is that they offfer free access to computers and the internet, quiet study places, and a great research source. (DUH!) It was also stated that many people like librarians we are not those old dusty, decrepit, grouchy ladies chasing people down after overdue books, but have produced positive interactions among those who actually visit libraries.

What made me really  sad was that many people who actually do visit libraries, are not aware of the awesome services that libraries offer. (Well people, GET OUT THERE AND FIND OUT!! I found that my local library has really cool classes for adults on Saturdays during the summer where you learn HOW to do things like build a marshmallow shooter!) It also saddened me (again) to find that there is  a large group of people who do not ever visit a library nor do they own a library card. :/

I also found it very interesting that many people found that libraries are a vital place to prepare students for school.

Awesome presentation, I wish I had been able to see it in person, but this was just as informative.

(38 slides) 126/150


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