Mining PEW-What Kind of Library User Are You?? Am I? Are We?

Zickuhr, K., Purcell, K., & Rainie, L. (2014, March 14). From Distant Admirers to Library Lovers – and Beyond. Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project RSS. Retrieved June 24, 2014, from

While going through the PEW internet today, I couldn’t help but take the quiz to see what kind of library user I am. After reading the quiz, I was curious to see what kind of library users make up the rest of the world. I am a Library Lover, and only 10% of the population relates to me and my library lovin’. This includes people who are younger (parents, students, job seekers) who find libraries as essential parts of a community.

The typology found that there were 4 levels of library engagement: High engagement (Inlcludes Library lovers and information omnivores) medium engagement (solid centers and print traditionalists), low engagement (Not for me, Young and Restless, and Young and Roadblocked), and non-engagement (Distant Admirers and Off the Grid).

The people in the high engagement groups are people who visit libraries frequently and are very involved in their communities. I found it interesting that these are also the people who know who their neighbors are and are more social.

The medium engagement group entails those who live in smaller towns but are still semi-active in their community. They attend sporting events and have library cards.

The low engagement group includes those who have used a library at least once in their lives, but have not done so recently. They live in small towns or rural areas and are not heavy book readers. Most believe that they do not need public libraries because they can find information that they need on their own. Personally, these people infuriate me.

And finally, the people that I doubt I will ever understand are the non-engagement group, the people who have never used a library in their lives. It also angers me to find that this group contains the most Hispanics. They are not very social and are not big readers.

After reading this, it did please me to know that although many people are not engaged with libraries, they appreciate them for what they are and more people are in the high and medium engagement groups than any other.

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