The End is Here! The Final Reflection!

Alright, this is THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! (I thought the video would be appropriate considering this is the last blog post that I will do for my Internet and Technology class.-IT’S THE FINAL BLOG POST! And yes, I am listening to the song while I type this.)

This course has definitely been my favorite course of the SHSU Library Science program. I loved it not just because I was able to learn about new technologies and cool things that I can use in my classrooms as well as when I get a library, because it helped me to get excited about what I am learning about by forcing me to blog and read others’ blogs and find a small community of nerds where we are all excited about similar things. I love this blog, and I will definitely (hopefully) continue to use it and stay up to date with technology and information on library stuff and how the digital age is changing.

My favorite technological thing that I learned about over the past four weeks (yea, summer sessions fly by!) was probably screencasts-no, infographics, no-comics. Honestly, I can’t choose because they were all so fun to learn about and use. I will definitely be using screen casts to show my students how to research and how to do things, but I could also do the same with comics. I really loved learning that I could make my own QR code because kids love those things and I know that will be super exciting to bring into a library. Think about it-putting a QR code on a book and taking students to a book trailer that you have made on it to help them decide if they want to try it out or not. I think that would be pretty awesome, and the kids would probably think so too! I also really liked making podcasts because this would be a cool way to get information out to students, you could send out a mass e-mail to students and teachers on Library News and they could listen on their phones or MP3 players. I am definitely loving being able to connect all of these things as well!

I think the most difficult thing that I encountered over this class was probably communicating with other students in my classes. I am more of a reader, and not a commenter, so I definitely have had to work on that, but as far as technology goes, I think anything involving speaking-like the podacasts and Vines were hard because I have a lisp and had to overcome that fear, but it was a great experience and now I am not so self-conscious of it. I also see how podcasts can help my dyslexic learners or even those who are non-readers because they can listen and not have to read.

This class has been awesome and I have learned so much! I am very thankful for it and everything that I can now take back and apply in my own classroom and future library!


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