Gone Girl

Yall, OMG! I know this book has nothing to do with my classes, but I read it while I was reading the books for my YA class and I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!


gone girl


OHMYGOD, this book was seriously the ride of my life. One second I was sprinting on the stair master while I read because I needed to keep going and the next I was screaming and going home so I could cry with anger in peace. Basically, Nick is accused of murdering his wife after she goes missing on their 5th anniversary. The book is told through both of their points of view and Gillian FIynn does a  great job of creating the characters’ voices. I wanted to believe that Nick didn’t kill Amy, because I wanted him to be innocent, but UGH! By the end of the book I was wishing that they would kill each other. Such a great read. If you get anxiety though, definitely read the ending first so that you can enjoy the story, but still read it. Amy is the perfect crazy wife. She is the perfect bad guy. She keeps an insanely well planned out journal that will push you to believe Amy. Keep reading. READ IT, YALL! You won’t regret it. I can’t wait for the movie!!

UPDATE: The movie was PERFECT! The producers (or whoever picks casts) picked the best actors for the characters and I LOVED the engagement scene that they added. Amy was a perfect “crazy bitch” through the movie, just like the book. They even stuck almost exactly to the original story and I LOOVVEEDDD IT!

What did you guys think of crazy “Amazing Amy?”


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