Annie on my mind

Garden, N. (1982). Annie on my mind. NY: FSG.


Nancy Garden did a beautiful job with such an honest story of friendship being something more between two girls. It is the story of Liza and Annie and how they fall in love when being gay is not something that people spoke about (not out loud anyway). Liza struggles through the entire book with her sexual identity and has to face her decision at the end of the story when she and Liza are caught “with their pants down” so to speak. Because Liza attends a private school this is a huge deal and she is suspended from school, all the while still struggling with who she is. Once things calm down, she returns to school, graduates, and attends college where she writes letters to Annie, but never knows if she should send them. In the end, she finally gets the nerve to call Annie and they make plans to see each other again. I loved this book and its honesty. It was not modern or full of slang or erotic scenes, it was the honest story of a girl who falls for another girl. I highly recommend it. I would follow it up with Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe  and have  discussion or have students create a venn diagram on how the stories are similar between boys and girls.


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