Glory O’Brien

King, A. (2014). Glory O’Brien’s history of the future. New York, NY: Hachete Books.


I can;t even begin to explain Glory O’Brien’s story, it was just wonderful. I was captivated from beginning to end. Glory’s mother commited suicide when she as in kindergarten and this has changed how Glory has felt towards people including her best friend for the rest of her life. She doesn’t like people, she prefers to see the world through her camera lens. One evening, she and her best friend drink the petrified remains of a bat and develop powers where they can see the history and future of anyone that they meet. Glory uses this power to learn about the future Civil War, World War, and other events that will shake our nation’s future. Once she loses her power, she decides to live her life with her father, make her mother proud, and have a future when she previously thought she had none. This would be a really neat book to use in an American history class because it completely embodies the idea that history repeats itself.


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