The fault in our stars

Green, J. (2012). The fault in our stars. New York, NY: Penguin Group.

the fault in our stars

I’m sure by now everyone has watched the tear jerker that Hollywood made this amazing book into, but seriously, read the book. It’s beautiful. Two cancer patients meet at a cancer-support group and fall in love. But it is not the typical love story with a happy ending, because although Augustus Waters and Hazel do end up together and enjoy some time together and meet their favorite author, in the end Augustus’ cancer comes back and he passes away, only to leave her with beautiful memories and newfound self confidence. This book was absolutely beautiful and heart breaking all at the same time. I think I have re-read it about six times just to relive the love story and fall for Augustus all over again. Contrary to what many may believe, I would NOT give this book to kids dealing with or who have had cancer because it is so descriptive and tells exactly what these patients go through. I do recommend it to anyone who wants to read an unforgettable love story. A great read to follow it would be John Green’s Looking for Alaska. The fault in our stars was a NYT YA best seller during 2014.


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