Korman, G. (2012). Ungifted. New York, NY: HarperCollins.


Ungifted was a great read for a teacher who teaches gifted students because it was a perfect reflection of how these students behave and think. The main character, Donovan, gets sent to the Academy for Gifted Students when he is hiding from the superintendent after causing a huge catastrophe at his middle school. While at the gifted academy, he is placed on the robotics team where he teaches his team about being “regular” kids. He teaches them about YouTube, friendship, and loyalty. And in return, they teach him how to be true to himself. The superintendent finally finds him and confronts him about his incident at the middle school, and he is forced to return to his old school, but gets to take a friend with him. This book is great for teachers as well as students, especially those who need to read about being a friend or telling the truth.


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