It’s Perfectly Normal

Harris, R. (2009). It’s perfectly normal. Boston, MA: Candlewick Press.

its perfectly norma

It’s perfectly normal is a nonfiction book that guides students through their bodies as they grow and change, sex, and basically where and how babies are made or come from. I think this book would be great around 6th grade, because even though it is a little explicit, the content is nothing that kids aren’t curious and talking about anyway. And it is a perfect time because their little bodies are beginning to change. Students would learn not only about their bodies, the opposite sex’s bodies, but also may answer questions that they have (obviously) about sex. I know that many parents may not want to have “the talk” with their kids, so giving them this book may help. I would also use this book in a science or health class. Major strengths in this book are keeping the vocabulary simple and easy to understand, great use of pictures for students who may not be on the book’s reading levels, and the two comical birds throughout the book that provide that provide comic relief when the information is a little much.


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