Westerfield, S. (2005). Uglies. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.


Tally cannot wait to have the surgery to be a “pretty” because she is currently an “ugly.” What she does not know is that when you become a “pretty,” it also changes your personality. Tally’s best friend, Peris, is already a pretty, so Tally sneaks over to new pretty town to see him, where she meets Shay and David. When it is time for Shay to have her operation, she runs away and leaves clues for tally to find her in a place called “The Smoke.” There she learns all about the changes that happen to one’s brain once they become a pretty, but her new community is overtaken by Special Circumstances, and Shay is taken and made a pretty. In order to help save the others, the book ends with Tally offering herself to become a pretty. Honestly, I thought that this book could have been written better, but is perfect for my 6th graders. A few that read it told me that they love it and would recommend it to others who don’t know how to think for themselves or don’t know what friendship is. I would recommend the rest of the series, but after the first one, I felt that the rest of the series was silly.


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