Code Name: Verity

Wein, Elizabeth. (2012). Code name Verity. NY: Egmont.


Code name: Verity is probably one of the greatest historical fiction (based on fact, but is still fiction) stories of friendship and loyalty that I have ever read. It is about two girls, Julie and Maddie (codenamed: Verity and Kittyhawk, respectfully) who are the best of friends and help save each other. The story starts with Julie being kidnapped by the Nazi Gestapo and she confesses what the Nazis think is everything she knows, including thinking that her best friend is dead. The second part of the book is through Maddie’s perspective and tells how she is not dead, and how she crash lands her plane in France (where she’s not supposed to be anyway) and finds a way to rescue Julie, the mission goes terribly wrong though and Maddie kills Julie before the Nazis can begin torturing her.( I bawled like a baby and couldn’t read the rest of the book for like two days after this scene.) Maddie and the group who helped her rescue Julie finish Julie’s mission of blowing up the Gestapo headquarters. I woulid recommend this book for upper high school students simply because of the torture scenes and use of language.


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