Sartrapi, M. (2004). Persepolis. NY: Pantheon.


Persepolis was an eye opener about a little girl growing up in the Islamic Revolution who has activist parents. The story is told through black and white comic strips which keep the reader engaged and raids comprehension of what is going on (at least they helped me anyway.) Marijane is very spunky and gets into trouble at school, so her parents send her to Vienna, where she lives in a nun-driven boarding school. Over time, she realizes she wants to continue to be an activist and moves back home to Iran where she marries (and divorces) Reza and then moves to Europe. The reader gets to watch Marijane grow into herself and grows a long with her. I would give this high school students because the material about the Islamic revolution and all of the prophets and leaders that Marijane discusses may not be familiar to younger students. It is a great portrayal of both women and people in general’s struggle. I would pair it with The Surrender Tree and discuss how youth are affected by war.


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