The Scorpio Races

Stiefvater, M. (2011). The Scorpio Races. New York, NY: Scholastic.

scorpio races

The scorpio races is a science fiction story about family,and another tale of a friendship between a young woman and man. Puck (Kate), Finn, and Gabe are orphans who take care of each other. Each October the island they live in, Thisby, hosts “The Scorpio Races” where people race killer, beautiful, magical horses  that come out of the sea called the capall uisce. Most of the people who race die, but the winner receives glory and money. Money is something that Puck and her family really need because they are about to lose their house, so Puck decided to enter the race on her pony, Dove. As she trains Dove, she meets Sean. Sean has won the past 4 Scorpio Races, but this year he is racing to keep his capall uisce, Corr. The two both have something they hold dear at stake, Puck-her home, and Sean-his horse. If he does not win this year, more than just his job is at stake, his boss will not let him try to buy Corr if Corr does not come out of the race successful. Sean and Puck both can’t win, so what will they do? I think that the book would be tough to comprehend on sixth and seventh graders, but eighth graders and up would definitely enjoy it.


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