Internship Week 2!

This week my supervising librarian was collecting books from the students and preparing to take inventory next week. (Don’t judge me; I’m super excited for this!)

I learned the differences in book bindings.

Book Binding (in order of preference for use in a school library.)

1. Library Reinforced-vendors take the copy of the book and reinforce the cover and put the jacket cover on a cover that will not come off of the book. They also reinforce the binding with either glue or sew it. Book is also printed on acid-free paper to eliminate page yellowing.

2.  Vendor bound-one step below library reinforced, but books are bound by the vendor, not originally, may not always be printed on acid-free paper.

3. Trade hardcover-Quality hardcover book that you would buy in a bookstore. After a couple uses, the binding begins to loosen and if the book jacket has not been taped, will get lost.

4. Trade paperback-buy only when necessary. For example, when a book is being made into a movie and you need extra copies in the library. A quick fix.

I also learned that shelf reading is when you walk through the shelves and make sure that books are in their proper places.

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