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2015 Books!

As the year is coming to a close, I realize that I have been awful at writing reviews. So I am going to post a list of the books I read and how many starts (one to five) I would give them and later I will post the reviews for yall. 🙂

I am a little sad because my goal for the year was 100 books, but I will only get to about half of that. :/

  1. King Dork– 2 stars
  2. My True Love Gave To Me-4 stars
  3. We Were Liars-5 stars
  4. Shadowfell-3 stars
  5. The Selection-5 stars
  6. The Elite-5 stars
  7. The One-5 stars
  8. The Queen (Novella)-4 stars
  9. The Girl and the Machine-2 stars
  10. Eye Candy-2 stars
  11. Red Queen-4 stars
  12. Will Grayson, Will Grayson-4 stars
  13. Hardwired-3 stars
  14. We All Looked Up-5 stars
  15. The Fire Sermons: Omega-5 stars
  16. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before-2 stars
  17. The Heir (The Selection)-5 stars
  18. The Diviners-5 stars
  19. Grey-2 stars
  20. The Martian-5 stars
  21. Isle of the Lost-1 star
  22. Paper Towns-1 star
  23. Hardpressed-2 stars
  24. The Prince (The Selection Novella)-5 stars
  25. I am Malala-5 stars
  26. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda-4 stars
  27. Darth Paper Strikes Back!-4 stars
  28. The Secret of the Fortune Wookie-4 stars
  29. Ask the Dark-5 stars
  30. A Court of Thorns and Roses-4 stars
  31. FanGirl-5 stars
  32. The Scorch Trials-5 stars
  33. The Death Cure-5 stars
  34. Lair of Dreams-5 stars
  35. Yes, Please (audiobook)-4 stars
  36. Going Bovine-4 stars
  37. Prince Lestat-5 stars
  38. Slasher Boys and Monster Girls-4 stars
  39. Carry On-5 stars
  40. Binge (audiobook)- 4 stars
  41. Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!-4 stars
  42. The Rest of Us Just Live Here-5 stars
  43. Six of Crows-5 stars