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Internship Week 2!

This week my supervising librarian was collecting books from the students and preparing to take inventory next week. (Don’t judge me; I’m super excited for this!)

I learned the differences in book bindings.

Book Binding (in order of preference for use in a school library.)

1. Library Reinforced-vendors take the copy of the book and reinforce the cover and put the jacket cover on a cover that will not come off of the book. They also reinforce the binding with either glue or sew it. Book is also printed on acid-free paper to eliminate page yellowing.

2.  Vendor bound-one step below library reinforced, but books are bound by the vendor, not originally, may not always be printed on acid-free paper.

3. Trade hardcover-Quality hardcover book that you would buy in a bookstore. After a couple uses, the binding begins to loosen and if the book jacket has not been taped, will get lost.

4. Trade paperback-buy only when necessary. For example, when a book is being made into a movie and you need extra copies in the library. A quick fix.

I also learned that shelf reading is when you walk through the shelves and make sure that books are in their proper places.

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Internship Week 1!

So this week I started my library internship in my secondary placement at my current school’s library. My primary placement is a high school library, but won’t begin until summer school starts in June, so I am currently interning in a middle school library. So far, I have learned that I feel WAY underprepared to be a librarian on my own, but my supervisor has been awesome and teaching me along the way. First few days I learned about things you should do when you get into a library for the first time:

  • Take pictures! You can show progress on how you change the space over the amount of time that you are in there.
  • Dust! Dust the walls, dust the shelves, dust EVERYTHING! (I’m sneezing just thinking about it.)
  • Vacuum!
  • Decide what you are going to teach over the year and create  schedule, be sure to leave at least one day a week free in case of reschedules or if your principal needs you to do something for him/her, then you can give him that day.
  • Find out your district’s weeding schedule.

Anyone else starting their internship? How is it going? Have you learned anything??

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe



Saenz, B. (2012). Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

Omg ya’ll, so I recently finished Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Saenz, and I FREAKING LOVED IT! I seriously could not put it down. I started it on a Monday and finished it on the following Tuesday night. It was a beautiful  story of friendship, internal struggle, and self-growth. Omg I cannot get enough of it, like now I want to go to UT-Eagle Pass just to meet Mr. Seanz because I loved it so much and read that he is a professor of creative writing there.  I fell in love with both characters within the first few chapters and feel like they are two that I will never forget. So yea, you should definitely check it out.

Basically, it’s about two boys (Ari and Dante) who come together one summer at a swimming pool, Ari is very quiet and antisocial, while Dante is loud, outgoing, and loves talking. Ari secretly resents his family for keeping secrets about his brother and Dante adores his parents. Ari defends Dante when he gets picked on and even saves him from near-death! Two completely different boys grow as best friends even while Dante moves to another state and writes to Ari almost weekly until he moves back and the boys pick up where they started.

Ok, so my summary is kinda lame, but just go read it! I promise you won’t regret it. Keep in mind that I think that this book is definitely NOT for a younger crowd, probably no younger than juniors or seniors in high school depending on maturity level. If you’re easily offended by vulgarity, offensive language, or sexuality, then don’t read it, but you’ll be missing out!

Saenz, B. (2012) Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. NY: Simon & Schuster.




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