Eye Candy

Book number 4 for this year!

eye candy

Honestly, I picked up this book because I am obsessed with the show, and came to find that the book is completely different than the show. I could not put it down. Lindy is a young, beautiful, blonde who tries to meet men on the internet, calling herself Eye Candy. She meets three men through the dating site,and one more accidentally. She is just about to start weeding out when she begins receiving threats to killer if she stops seeing one of them. Her only option is to keep seeing all of them until she figures it out. The story will hold your attention, and you’ll never guess who the real killer is!

This book is very different from my usual read, but I enjoyed every moment of it. It has some moments where the reader may get confused as to who is speaking or where exactly things are happening, but they are easy to catch back on to.

Overall, a quick, captivating read for anyone who wants an adventure!


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