Internship Week 1!

So this week I started my library internship in my secondary placement at my current school’s library. My primary placement is a high school library, but won’t begin until summer school starts in June, so I am currently interning in a middle school library. So far, I have learned that I feel WAY underprepared to be a librarian on my own, but my supervisor has been awesome and teaching me along the way. First few days I learned about things you should do when you get into a library for the first time:

  • Take pictures! You can show progress on how you change the space over the amount of time that you are in there.
  • Dust! Dust the walls, dust the shelves, dust EVERYTHING! (I’m sneezing just thinking about it.)
  • Vacuum!
  • Decide what you are going to teach over the year and create  schedule, be sure to leave at least one day a week free in case of reschedules or if your principal needs you to do something for him/her, then you can give him that day.
  • Find out your district’s weeding schedule.

Anyone else starting their internship? How is it going? Have you learned anything??

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